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Aaaaaand here it is! My amazing commission from markerguru001 (Alex Milne). I honestly cannot even contain my love for this or my appreciation for the effort Milne put into it. My request for a fighting Whirl and Cyclonus turned out even better than I could have ever imagined
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Didnt I say you were grounded
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#poor blaziken baby 
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We evolve, beyond the person we were a minute before. Little by little we advance a bit further with each turn. That's how a drill works!
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some of the people on my dash i just assume are their icons bc i’ve never seen their pics so it’s like “oh look gandalf is up late bloggin again” 

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For the past two days, this little dinosaur has been hitchhiking on my side mirror.image

And every time I go back to my car, he’s just chilling on top of the mirror, ready to go.


The dude’s hella confused though. He sees himself in the mirror and tries to attract himself to himself


And sometimes it looks like he fell off …





cherish him forever

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My friend had her daughters at a zoo when she heard, “Ma’am, there’s a lemur on your baby
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I imagine Saria would feel at peace taking walks through the Lost Woods.
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single and ready 2 flamingle


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#and the accompanying fic 

In which Marco is the worst vampire ever. Just. The Worst.


Following many jokes on twitter about Marco the vampire who is mentally stuck in the fifties and kind of grossed out by the concept of biting people…I found my self doing this in an attempt to break my writers block. It’s choppy and awkwardly paced and kind of generic, but hey, it’s complete and about 5000 words, and hopefully having something out there in the world will make working on commissions a little less like pulling teeth.  Here ya go guys! Enjooyy.

God what a dork.

(Mild content warning, a little blood and sooort of blood play, I guess? He’s a vampire, you know what you’re getting in to)

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kenjiandcompany just wrote this cute ass fic with Marco being a dork vampire here so I drew somethinggg (not a particular scene in the fic, I just thought itd be cute to draw Jean not respecting people’s personal space and Marco all being whatever about it)
Marco had cokebottle glasses in the story but drawing glasses is my downfall so just IMAGINE THEM
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This is the most accurate gif of Florida I have ever seen.

 ”What the fuck?” 

She’s not even scared, she’s just mad and confused.

baby gators are basically confused sharp bunnies who wander into other people’s pools for a dip and some sunbathing and might gnaw on u. mommas are the scary ones.

confused sharp bunnies

i’d argue that you don’t even have to worry about mommas.  alligators are literally stoners.  like don’t fuck with their stuff and they’ll just chill and leave you alone.

i grew up in florida. i was riding my bike once and managed to fall over and into a swamp full of gators and they just stared at me like ‘what the fuck did you do that for?’ they are some of the calmest creatures ever.

Alligators have not evolved in two hundred million years.  They’re too lazy.